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Serdar Bagtir

Hi I'm "Serdar Bagtir" . And i'm a prof. musician and social media director...

Hi i'm "Serdar Bagtir" i'm a professional musician. I play clay darbuka and i have been playing since 23 years. 

Is it a long time? And i like social media. That's why i'm working in a company for social media. Everything will be okay. I believe that everytime.

Serdar Bagtir's Background

Serdar Bagtir's Experience

Musician at Shaman Dance Theatre

January 2003 - August 2008 | Istanbul / Turkey

I was a theacher and darbuka player there.

Social Media at Gift Production

March 2012 - Present | Istanbul / Turkey

i'm working for a TV Show. That show is version for Turkey The Biggest Loser...

Serdar Bagtir's Education


2002 – 2006


Concentration: Business

Activities: Music in everywhere...


2000 – 2002


Concentration: Maritime

Activities: it doesn't matter for me... music in everywhere for everytime

Serdar Bagtir's Interests & Activities

Darbuka , playing darbuka , percussion , tabla

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